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Mechanical Engineering

Another evergreen field, there will always be opportunities here, despite varying market trends. It is one of the oldest and the most demanding branch of engineering and therefore one of the broadest. As a mechanical engineer, you will get to design, analyse, manufacture and maintain anything that moves!

Computer & Science Engineering

Software engineers are the most sought after in India. So, it is no surprise that this branch is right at the top! This branch offers higher pay packages than any other branch as well as ample overseas job opportunities. If you have an interest in database management and application development, you should seek out this engineering discipline.

Electrical Engineering

An Electrical Engineering Degree involves the study of energy. Energy is available in various forms such as electrical, hydro and natural sources such as wind and solar energy. An Electrical Engineer develops technologies to assist with the practical application of such energies. Electrical Engineers design components for electronic equipment, communications systems, power grids, automobiles, and more.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involves the development of infrastructure such as buildings, railways, roads construction, bridges and general construction project management. Civil Engineers also play an important role in rebuilding projects, such as in the event of a natural disaster. Civil Engineers may work in the private or public sector at any level.